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Racing-Quality Treatments & Additives for Your Engine!

Take your engine to the next level with LYNCH PRO-FORMANCE PRODUCTS, manufacturing the highest-quality line of transmission, oil, and fuel treatments. Based in Portland, Oregon, we provide our incredible engine additives to home, commercial, and racing customers across the nation. Our company always keeps one thing in mind: the automotive service and performance business. You can find out about this dedication to our craft for yourself when you place an order for our high-quality lubricant additives and fuel treatments.

Protect your investment with high-performance racing oil, coolant, and transmission treatments, and other products from LYNCH PRO-FORMANCE PRODUCTS. Our motto is “quality first, quantity second” and it shows in the ultra-high performance that our lubricants and treatments deliver. From your cooling system to your transmission and fuel system, we make sure you get the most out of your engine and keep your vehicle in good condition in the long run.

Lynch “Do It Right Service”


The internal Engine Cleaner/Protector cleans the anti-smog (PCV) valve by using vapor action. This product will clean oil passages and lifters and reduces friction with Lynch Lube.


Available as a 12 ounce unit, the engine tune-up frees sticky oil compression rings by dissolving deposits. This product Increases compression and vacuum and protects new engines during break-in.


Cleans your carburetor or injection while you drive. Prevents freeway vapor lock. Prevents hard starting. Blasts upper cylinder carbon. Mixes with any fuel. Eliminates rough idling and stalling.


Cleans fuel injectors and keeps them clean.Improves gas mileage.Reduces spark plug fouling.Mixes with all types of fuels.Lubricates upper cylinder area.Increases pep and power.