About Lynch

From a crowded space in the Airport Industrial Park, Gary Lynch manufactures jugs, bottles, and barrels of automotive chemicals that are sold throughout the United States. The LYNCH PRO-FORMANCE PRODUCTS line includes about 30 products for automotive, industrial, farm, marine, and racing applications: cooling system, oil, transmission, and fuel products, cleaners, and lubricants.


Company History

Gary began working in the chemical business more than 35 years ago, eventually opening his own business in Salem, Oregon, in 1975, selling other companies’ products. But he came to a crossroads. “Products and companies weren’t what they used to be and I had a decision to make, to get out or count on ourselves,” Gary explained. “If you care about good quality, it’s hard to do it with anybody but yourself.”

So he took his knowledge of the automotive and racing world and sought out the best chemists and scientists in the world to create the formulas for his products. Gary started his own line in 1985 and moved to Redmond, Oregon, in 1992.

High-Quality Products

All of Gary Lynch’s products are available in 12-ounce bottles for home use to one-, five- and 55-gallon sizes for commercial applications. The line is sold all over the country, with plans to expand outside the US. “When they see the difference, they prefer us,” he said. “Anybody can say how great they are, but a presentation without a demonstration is just a conversation,” is a favorite Lynch saying.

Among his customers is Les Schwab Tire, a company that could buy supplies from any company in the country. Gary is proud that they’ve chosen his products – a tribute to his “quality first, quantity second” motto.

Now, sitting in a small office, Gary talks with pride of the products he makes “all of the highest quality and the latest state-of-the-art formulation.” Lynch products are also the freshest: “they don’t sit around a warehouse for years,” he says. “We make it and send it out,” all with a money-back guarantee.

After more than 35 years, he’s seen many products come and go, “but we’re still here. Quality never goes out of style,” he says. “We’re probably the greatest product you’ve never heard of,” Gary laughs.