Lynch Testimonials

We want to hear how LYNCH has helped your vehicle stay on the road. Send us your story and a photo of your vehicle. We may use it here or in marketing materials. These testimonials have been gathered over a period of time and may no longer represent the current actual opinion of anyone giving a testimonial, and may not represent the typical or ordinary of members of the public using LYNCH.

Dear Gary:

As you know we at Diablo Canyon service 150 vehicles. We perform between 35 and 40 inspections per month.

For the past two years we have been using your Engine Cleaner/Protector, Engine Tune-up, and Fuel Treatment for each service or inspection we do. We were skeptical at first, but the proof is in the pudding.

We had not had any oil-related engine problems or fuel problems. In the past we had a problem with carbon and sludge and due to this we lost an engine. The vehicles here make short drives and idle continuously. This is tough on an engine. Recently, I removed a valve cover to replace the gasket. I couldn’t believe what I saw underneath.

There was absolutely no carbon or sludge in sight. This car is a Chevy Citation with 76,000 miles. I have had several such experiences with your products. The fuel treatment products are an absolute must here. Again, I can’t say enough about how well this stuff works. The Fuel Treatment keeps the moisture out of the tanks and keeps the cars and trucks running smoothly start after start.

I could go on and on about the results we have experienced with your products. We just thought you might be interested in hearing about some of our results.

Thank you for introducing us to your products.


Gary M.

Diablo Canyon Automotive

February 2013

Helm Motor-sports Sisters, Oregon 


Just thought that you may want to know how successful we have found your products to be. 

As you know, we race winged and non-winged sprint cars. We have used PLP on all rod ends, Jacobs ladder and ball joint with great success. 

We use Racing Engine Treatment in our engines, Quick-Change Rear End Treatment in the rear ends and have never had any lubrication problems. In fact we ran the rear end out of fluid in Pablo Montana and never even damaged the ring and pinion in any fashion, 

We ran about 60 races on one engine and sent it to the engine builder to have it freshened and the people down there said that there was not one man in their shop that could believe that the engine had 60 races on it. There was practically no wear on any part. 

We use Cooling System Conditioner and Cooling System Stop Leak in our radiators and have never had any cooling system issues. 

We also use Race Fuel Lubricant in the fuel systems with no problems of any kind. 

In our transporter we use cooling products and lubricant products with great success. We have achieved better mileage and a cooler running vehicle as a result. 

Thank you very much for introducing us to your great products. 

Jim & Jan Helm Owners 

Super products and service, cheapest way to keep your vehicle running great!

– Rich W.

Great people with exceptional customer service and wonderful products for my car!!

– Amanda F.

To Whom It May Concern,

In December 2012, our Redmond to Seattle truck burned 1,477 gallons of diesel fuel at 4.4 miles per gallon. On January 2, 2013, our head mechanic John, serviced our truck with the Lynch Products ‘Do it Right Service.’ We also added Extreme Pressure Lube to the transmission, both rear ends and wheel bearings. In January 2013, the truck burned 1,250 gallons of fuel at 5.2 mpg. This was an increase of .8 mpg or 18%, using 227 gallons less fuel. From 1,477 to 1,250 at $4.00 per gallon, that’s over $900 saved in January with one truck!

Thank you for a line of products that produce these kinds of results.


Rick L.

Maintenance Supervisor

Eberhard’s Dairy Products

Dear Gary:

I wanted to send you a note of thanks regarding your products. We own a 1995 Mazda 3000 pickup. From the very beginning, we have had trouble with engine missing and rough running. The dealership has replaced two computer cards, as well as run a number of diagnostic tests. The engine miss persisted.

After listening to your presentation at the Redmond executive association, I went out and purchased a couple of bottles of your fuel and injector treatment product. I’m happy to tell you that the miss has been eliminated, for the first time since we owned the truck!!

Obviously, we had water in the gas that other gas treatments (and we had used several), were not able to remove.

You mentioned in your speech that ‘A presentation without a demonstration is just conversation’ well, perhaps an endorsement is even better than a demonstration’ Your products really work!!


Mike S.

Dear Gary:

Thank you so much for suggesting that I begin using ‘Diesel Fuel Treatment’ in my 1995 ford power stroke diesel. I am amazed at the change in performance since I began using your product.

The difference begins at the start-up where the engine starts much quicker and smoothes out much faster than it ever has before.

When in full operation, i.e. pulling a 26 ft. RV, the engine operated with impressive power and responsiveness, while sounding much smoother and less ‘labored’.

I must confess that I have never had much faith in ‘oil/fuel’ additives, feeling that any difference they may make was not commensurate with their cost.

Your Diesel Fuel Treatment is certainly an expectation to that rule. I will be using this product as long as I drive a diesel.

Thanks again for your recommendation and the results that I have experience.


Jerry T.

Redmond OR.

Dear Bernie,

As you are aware, DeLon Auto Center has been selling and using Lynch products for about six years now. Over the past years we have had nothing but superior results from the products.

This past summer a family was traveling thru Salem on vacation and their Honda developed an engine miss. Our technician diagnosed the problem to be a bad fuel injector and we did not have one in stock to replace it.

To get these people back on the road, we removed an injector from my demo and got them on their way.

I told the technician to put the bad injector back in my car and put a bottle of Lynch injector cleaner in the tank.

On the way home that night, my engine was running poorly because of the bad injector. After driving about 8 to 10 miles, the engine started to run smoothly again.

The problem was a DIRTY INJECTOR not a bad one, and we have never changed the injector in my car.

We have been very pleased with the results from Lynch products and they have been a very solid profit builder over the years.

Thanks for your fine service and a great product!


Mike J.

Operation Manager

DeLon Auto Center