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Do it Right Service


Our Do it Right Service is a complete engine oil and fuel system treatment. The Service includes the 4 products listed here and are to be used at each oil change to clean and protect your engines oil and fuel system.

To order the Do it Right Service, select 1 of each of the 4 products… remember shipping is FREE with 12 bottles or more. So if you have more than one vehicle add another product to the quantity for each. You should also add extra bottles of the Fuel products for adding to your fuel fill ups in between your oil changes. Thank you for your business and if you have any questions please contact us!



Get the following 4 in this deal:

LP00201 Internal Engine Cleaner/Protector

The internal Engine Cleaner/Protector cleans the anti-smog (PCV) valve by using vapor action. This product will clean oil passages and lifters and reduces friction with Lynch Lube. This product is available as a 12 ounce package.

LP00202 Engine Tune-Up

Available as a 12 ounce unit, the engine tune-up frees sticky oil compression rings by dissolving deposits. This product Increases compression and vacuum and protects new engines during break-in. The Lynch Lube reduces friction and wear and removes gum and varnish by keeping a new engine clean.

LP00501 Carburetor & Injection Cleaner

Cleans your carburetor or injection while you drive. Prevents freeway vapor lock. Prevents hard starting. Blasts upper cylinder carbon. Mixes with any fuel. Eliminates rough idling and stalling. Protects fuel system from rust and corrosion. Removes water from fuel system.

LP00502 Fuel Injection Treatment

Cleans fuel injectors and keeps them clean.Improves gas mileage.Reduces spark plug fouling.Mixes with all types of fuels.Lubricates upper cylinder area.Increases pep and power.Removes damaging deposits caused by PCV smog control systems.