Lynch F.A.Q.'s

Made for the professional, says what it does & does what it says.

Clean and flush your cooling system with Lynch Cooling System Cleaner #101. After cleaning, use Lynch Cooling System Conditioner #102 to keep system lubricated and protected from rust and corrosion. This service cleans and protects the cooling system. Follow all directions.

Complete engine system clean and protect while reducing friction and wear

Please stop putting clean oil in a dirty engine. Add Lynch Internal Engine Cleaner/Protector #201 before your next oil change. It cleans the engine of harmful sludge, varnish, and deposits so they can be drained out with old oil before installing new oil, while reducing friction and protecting during cleaning. Every time you change your oil, your system will get cleaner and cleaner instead of your new oil and system getting dirtier. After cleaning your system, add Lynch Engine Tune-Up #202 to new oil to continue to keep engine clean and protected, reducing friction and wear. This service cleans and protects the engine oil system. Follow all directions.

Just like the engine oil system, the automatic transmission needs to be kept clean, lubricated and protected. The transmission becomes dirty and the filter and value body become plugged with sludge and varnish. Then it will become sluggish and begin to slip, leading to big problems. Add Lynch Automatic Transmission Cleaner/Protector #301 before changing fluid. It cleans the system so that harmful sludge and varnish can be drained out. Just like the engine, the system will get cleaner with each fluid change. After cleaning your automatic transmission, add Lynch Automatic Transmission Treatment #302 to new fluid to continue to keep system clean and protected, reducing friction and wear. This service cleans and protects the transmission system. Follow all directions.

Like the other systems of the vehicle, the fuel system has to be kept clean and lubricated. When a vehicle starts hard and runs rough, sometime it’s a simple thing like moisture in the fuel or dirty injectors or carburetor. Add Lynch Carburetor and Injection Cleaner #501 to the gas to remove moisture and clean the fuel system, eliminating rough idling and stalling. After cleaning your fuel system, add Lynch Fuel Injection Treatment #502 to your next tank of fuel to continue to clean and lubricate the system. This service cleans and protects the fuel system. Follow all directions.

When diesel engines become sluggish and smoke on takeoff, it is usually fuel related. Dirty injectors do not have the proper spray pattern for peak fuel efficiency. You do not get complete fuel combustion causing sluggish performance and smoking. Add Lynch Diesel Injector Cleaner #510 to the diesel fuel to clean the fuel system and restore performance, eliminating smoke. After cleaning your injectors and fuel system, add Lynch Diesel Fuel Treatment #511 to your next tank of fuel to continue to clean and lubricate the system. This service cleans and protects the diesel fuel system. Follow all directions.

There is as much difference as night and day. There are a lot of choices. Some may penetrate, some may lubricate, and some may not do much at all. The Lynch PLP #602 does it all! Penetrates-Lubricates-Protects (PLP). Reduces friction and wear and protects against rust and corrosion. A high performance product for use in automotive-farm-marine-industrial-racing. Follow all directions.

In a gasoline or alcohol engine, 25% of the engine is lubricated through the fuel. In a racing engine with ultra-high compression, cylinder pressure, and valve spring pressure is even more critical than ever, especially with alcohol fuel. Add Lynch Racing Fuel Lubricant #702 to the fuel to improve lubricity, reduce friction and wear, and keep the system clean. It provides corrosion protection in alcohol fuel, making it a multifunctional ultra-high-performance product for your racing engine. Protect your investment!

The oil system faces the same challenges: with increased pressure comes increased friction, wear, and oil temperature, leading to part failure. Add Lynch Racing Engine Treatment #703 to racing oil to drastically reduce friction and wear, lowering oil temperature. Providing a better surface for lubrication, #703 keeps rings sealed increasing compression, freeing up frictional drag, increasing horsepower, and performance results. An ultra-high performance product for racing engines. Follow all directions.

Chassis dyno test results of treatment with Lynch products on 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel truck. You will get better results with transmission and gearboxes treatment. "Do it right" service, Dyno test results after Lynch products treatment +17HP gain!